Tour AD DJ Shafts


The Tour AD DJ wood shaft model was designed and is manufactured exclusively at the Graphite Design factory headquarters in Japan.  The Tour AD DJ is available in 50g R2(Lite), R1(Regular) and S flex, 60g SR (Stiff Regular), S and X flex, 70g S and X flex and 80g S and X flex.

The Tour AD DJ design features a much softer tip section and stiffer butt section that its big brother, the Tour AD DI.  This softer tip bend profile is designed to promote mid/high launch angles with mid ball spin.  Players with the Tour AD DI shaft model in their driver find the Tour AD DJ shaft model to complement it well when used in fairway woods.  Like similar Tour AD wood shafts, the Tour AD DJ utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber and the 1st generation of the Toray NANOALLOY material technology known as “DI Technology” for amazing feel and improved performance in Accuracy and Distance.


Features & Technology:

  • DI TECHNOLOGY- Consisting of the advanced, 1st generation of Toray Composites NANOALLOY Material Technology for increased stability in the mid to tip region and unsurpassed feel.
  • 50 ton ultra-premium, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.

Bend Profile:

BUTT Section MID Section TIP Section


  • Designed to promote Mid to High launch angles with Mid ball spin rates.
  • MSRP $500


71-85 MPH 86-95 MPH 92-98 MPH 96-105 MPH 105+ MPH
R2 Flex
(Lite/ Senior)
R1  Flex
SR Flex
(Stiff Regular)
S Flex
X Flex

Tip Trimming for Std Bore:

Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 7 Wood 9 Wood
0″ 0.5″ 1.0″ 1.0″ 1.0″
  • Pro’s Choice encourages consulting a PGA Professional or qualified club builder to help you determine the correct shaft and length for your swing profile and to meet your goals.
  • Always leave a minimum of 0.5″ of the parallel tip section of the shaft above the hosel to maintain shaft durability and prevent shaft failure/breakage.  For example, if the head has a hosel bore depth of 1.5″ and the shaft has a parallel tip length of 3.0″, the tip trim length should not exceed 1.0″.
  • Improper installation may affect the intended performance of the shaft. Warranty is for material and workmanship of our products. Improper installation voids warranty of product.


Shaft Type Part Number Flex Length Wt. Tip OD Tip Para. Butt OD Torque Kick pt Launch Spin
TOUR AD DJ 5 R2 ADDJ5-R2 Lite/Senior 46″ 55g .335″ 3.0″ .596″ 4.5 MID HIGH MID
TOUR AD DJ 5 R1 ADDJ5-R1 Regular 46″ 55g .335″ 3.0″ .596″ 4.5 MID HIGH MID
TOUR AD DJ 5 S ADDJ5-S Stiff 46″ 57g .335″ 3.0″ .598″ 4.5 MID MID/ HIGH MID
TOUR AD DJ 6 SR ADDJ6-SR Stiff Regular 46″ 64g .335″ 3.0″ .597″ 3.2 MID HIGH MID
TOUR AD DJ 6 S ADDJ6-S Stiff 46″ 66g .335″ 3.0″ .598″ 3.1 MID MID/ HIGH MID
TOUR AD DJ 6 X ADDJ6-X X-Stiff 46″ 67g .335″ 3.0″ .600″ 3.1 MID MID/ HIGH MID
TOUR AD DJ 7 S ADDJ7-S Stiff 46″ 74g .335″ 3.0″ .600″ 2.9 MID MID MID
TOUR AD DJ 7 X ADDJ7-X X-Stiff 46″ 76g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 2.9 MID MID MID
TOUR AD DJ 8 S ADDJ8-S Stiff 46″ 86g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 2.6 MID MID MID
TOUR AD DJ 8 X ADDJ8-X X-Stiff 46″ 88g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 2.6 MID MID MID

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