Graphite Design Shaft Technology


    TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg is the latest in cutting edge carbon-fiber materials from Toray Industries, Inc.  Prior to TORAYCA® M40X, carbon fiber pre-preg materials were either high in tensile modulus or high in tensile strength, but not high in both.  The new TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg offers a large improvement in tensile strength with an increase of 30% over conventional carbon fiber materials.

    The new and revolutionary TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg now allows our engineers to develop high performance Graphite Design golf shafts with an even higher degree of shaft zonal tuning without adding weight to the design, resulting in a higher degree of shaft stability and an increased feeling of total ball control over conventional golf shafts.

    Golfers that take advantage of the new Graphite Design Tour AD XC wood shafts with TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg may now essentially load the shaft more, and the more it loads, the more energy it will store and then release at impact, resulting in increased ball speeds and greater distance.

    TORAYCA ® M40X material may be found in our new 2020 Graphite Design Tour AD XC model of wood shafts.

  • TORAYCA® T1100G

    TORAYCA ® pre-preg using T1100G carbon-fiber with NANOALLOY ® technology is the latest in cutting edge carbon-fiber materials from Toray Industries, Inc. Unlike conventional pre-preg materials, this revolutionary new material is comprised of both High Modulus and High Tensile strength fibers. The resin system of TORAYCA ®T1100G is also based on NANOALLOY® Technology for added strength and vibration dampening.

    The new TORAYCA ® T1100G advanced material technology allows Graphite Design engineers to fine tune specific zones of the shaft stiffness for added stability without a gain in structure weight resulting in the next generation of high performance Tour AD graphite golf shafts that provide superior Accuracy and Distance with every shot. This technology may be found in the MAD, Tour AD M9003, Tour AD GP, Tour AD TP and Tour AD IZ series of wood shafts.

  • FTT – Fast Taper Technology

    The new 2019 Tour AD VR and Tour AD TP shaft models both utilize the Graphite Design advanced technology called Fast Taper Technology or FTT .  This technology is based on the tooling called the mandrel that the shaft is molded around.  The Fast Taper Technology incorporates a faster taper rate in a specific section of the mandrel used to create a unique shaft profile.  The Fast Taper Technology of the Tour AD VR shaft starts in the handle or grip section and extends to the lower-mid section of the shaft.  The FastTaper Technology of the Tour AD TP shafts starts in the lower mid-section and extends down to the tip of the shaft.  The end result of using the Fast Taper Technology is the overall feeling of greater club head control at impact and an increase in club head speed through the swing.

  • DI Technology


    Graphite Design’s proprietary DI Technology is based on Toray Companies NANOALLOY carbon fiber material technology.  This advanced, high-tech material was developed with the latest in nano-technology to provide Graphite Design premium shafts with additional vibration dampening and precise stability to the shaft structure.

    DI Technology can be found in the Tour AD DI, BB, DJ, GT, MT and MJ wood shafts as well as the YS NanoReloaded wood and hybrid shafts.  DI Technology will deliver perfect ACCURACY and Pure DISTANCE  (AD) for golfers of all skill levels.

  • MSI Technology


    Material Stiffness Integration, MSI, is the main design concept by which Graphite Design develops golf shafts. Composite materials consist of two main components, graphite fiber and resin. The stiffness of each fiber has an impact on how much vibration is transmitted up the shaft affecting the feel of the shaft. The resin acts more like a sponge absorbing the vibrations, creating exquisite feel.

    By using proprietary design formulas and a combination of different materials that vary in stiffness and fiber volume, Graphite Design is able to produce shafts that have a better “Feel” than other competitors and deliver Pure DISTANCE and Perfect ACCURACY.